Top 25 drugs of High revenue | 2015

The prescription drugs market includes a large number of formulation products that address a diverse array of therapeutic requirements. Prescription drugs have life-cycle that is distinguished by high sales revenues during the patent-protected period. The parent companies invest in sales and marketing of the products to maximize their return on investment on research and development. The sales usually rapidly taper-off after patent expiry, as the products are exposed to competition from generics and biosimilars.

The global prescription drugs market was estimated to be USD 1,114 billion in 2015. A list of top-25 prescription drugs products based on sales revenues was collated using the reported revenues of the parent companies. These 25 drugs are marketed by 19 companies, that are the leading players in the pharmaceutical industry. The combined revenues of the top-25 drugs in this market together accounted for close to 15% of the global sales revenues of prescription drugs in 2015. Furthermore, these 25 drugs were also had a remarkably narrow scope of treatment profiles. Most drugs in the list are primarily for the treatment and management of cancer, diabetes, inflammatory disorders, and HIV or HCV infections.

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impas Natesh Prabhu Administrator & Chief Editor | Clinical Pharmacologist | Diabetic-Sexual Medicine-Regenerative Therapy Consultant | President, Indian Medical Pharmacologists Association