The Modi effect in Cadila Pharma: Ex-employee went hammer & tongs on LinkenIn

We would have heard about employee’s rift with the company’s section head, employees ranting about their bosses or employees dissatisfaction over the company or an abusive employer etc. during a tea break or most commonly in a smoke room. But what happened a few days back was a bit surprising and it’s like straight out of a movie scene.

Mr Mukund Trivedy, Vice President – Corporate Communications, Cadila Pharmaceuticals expressed his displeasure over the company’s CMD, Mr Rajiv Modi’s work attitude and the company’s work culture along with this way of quitting his job during a board meeting on LinkedIn. You can read about his post and discussion below.

Click here for Mukund Trivedy’s post & discussion.

Rajiv Modi – CMD, Cadila Pharmaceuticals

Yesterday Cadila Pharmaceuticals came up with a press explanation and had expressed their intention to file a case against Mukund Trivedy, for which he is yet to respond.

Also check out the stock status of Cadila (August 22, 2017, 9:568 AM IST).

A loss of a good employee can sometimes be costly for a company either directly or indirectly

Loss of a good employee can sometimes be costly for a  company either directly or indirectly

Our opinion on this:

The bold attitude of Mukund Trivedy is laudable. It needs a lot of grit to stand up for one’s own dignity. But there is always a thin line between being bold and silly. This frustration or anger of Mukund Trivedy could have been due to a long suppressed/ un-vented emotion which burst out during a meeting.

What could have been done is, either to write a legal complaint about the company head’s attitude to employees grievance cell or anything similar available under the legal purview or talk head to head with the employer responsible for this (anyways there was  an intention to quit the company). But when we think this from his shoes, we feel sorry for Mukund Trivedy.

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