Novartis Biotechnology Leadership Camp 2016

The Novartis BioCamp India will be held at Hyderabad on July 17-20,2016

BioCamp is a pioneering seminar organised by Novartis that brings talented students from diverse faculties and different universities closer to the pharmaceutical industry. The programme is open to postgraduate students and young researchers in natural sciences, medicine, biotechnology, bio-informatics, pharmacy, business administration or law (specialization in Intellectual Property Rights) interested in pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry

At BioCamp, 50 students will have the opportunity to interact with leading experts in the pharmaceutical/biotech fields, learn about breakthrough medicines to address patients unmet medical needs, understand trends and challenges in the pharmaceutical sector, receive first-hand experience about starting and running a biotech company, explore career opportunities in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries and network with talented students from other universities.

Selection to BioCamp is based on academic excellence and extracurricular activities. Winning three students will be sent on an all expenses paid trip to participate at the International BioCamp taking place in Basel, Switzerland which brings together 60 selected top students from science, information technology and business universities from around the world.

The Novartis International BioCamp is a pioneering three-day seminar that brings the biotechnology sector closer to talented students from top universities around the world. Held at Novartis International Headquarters in Basel, Switzerland, the program offers participants an opportunity to:

  • Interact with key Novartis scientists who lead our unique approach to drug discovery
  • Learn about breakthrough new medicines to address patients’ unmet medical needs
  • Understand trends and challenges in the biotechnology sector
  • Receive first-hand experience about starting and running a biotech company
  • Explore career opportunities in the healthcare and biotech industries
  • Network with talented students from other countries and get in touch with Novartis associates

As the online test for the shortlisted candidates,to participate in BioCamp-India, are over and the results are awaited, we will give you a glimpse of the previous BioCamp events and also our exclusive interview with the previous winners.

For More information check their website. Also check out the BioCamp 2015 video here.


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