Exclusive Interview with Dr.Sandeep Kumar Gupta | Honorary Member of COE at TISS:SVE

First of all, we extend our warm wishes to you on being appointed as an honorary member of Centre of Excellence (COE) in the Pharmaceutical Vertical at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) for School of Vocational Education (SVE).

Few words abouts yourself for our readers.

I am a medical pharmacologist with approximately 8 years of experience in both academics and industry. I received my MD (Pharmacology) from RIMS, Ranchi in 2007 and worked at Ranbaxy Research Lab (Gurgaon, India) as a Senior Research Scientist and in Sanofi as Regional Medical Advisor for approximately 5 years. I am currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmacology in DSMCH, Permabalur (Tamilnadu, India). I have published about 15 papers in peer-reviewed and Pubmed-indexed journals. I have also written chapters in books titled Fundamentals of Clinical Trial & Research (Paras Publication), Molecular Vaccines: From Prophylaxis to Therapy-Volume 2 (Springer Publication) and Advances in collating and using trial data (Future Publication).

Please tell us what is TISS-VoE and its role.

In December 2011, Tata Institute of Social Sciences has set up the School of Vocational Education (SVE) to provide immediate and definite interventions to improve the lives of the disadvantaged and marginalized youth, especially who are excluded by the formal school education system,through appropriate vocational training programmes. The training program would be inclusive in nature and structured in a way to facilitate vertical movement of the organized and disorganized labour and facilitate the participation of women, children, the PWD and other vulnerable groups. Therefore, SVE has been set up with a vision of creating an ecosystem that would bring back the dignity of labour for blue collar streams of work and create sustainable sources of income for the marginalized youth in the country. The School has been incorporated to spearhead the Vocational Training envisaged in the initiative proposed by the Ministry of HRD, Government of India whereby TISS has been selected as nodal point to implement the said initiative.

What is Centre of Excellence (COE) and the responsibilities of its members?

The CoE is a group of well networked field experts from Industries and academicians. TISS- SVE will form CoE for each vertical to vet content and pedagogy. CoE shall also benchmark skill levels with global standards and shall access new and emerging skills through linkages with overseas industry partners and training institutions.

The CoE Members would be responsible to:
· Provide guidance and direction to vocational education in a sector.
· Approve the detailed syllabus content for a particular course.
· Interview & approve appointment of Examination Board members
· Interview & approval interview of trainers

Please tell us about your journey as being appointed as an honorary member of COE, your contribution to TISS-SVE and your future roles and responsibilities as an individual.

Pharmacology has always been a passion for me. Since the day I opted for Pharmacology as my post-graduate specialization, my attitude has been of a life-long learner. Whatever I learned during my 5 year stint in the industry, I am trying to give it back to the society as a faculty in the Pharmacology Dept at DSMCH, Perambalur. Now with my association with COE (Center of Excellence) at TISS-SVE, I would be providing guidance and direction to vocational education in the pharmaceutical vertical. The focus would be on enhancing job skills of marginalized youth through vocational training programmes.

Being a medical pharmacologists in what way your field of expertise can be a useful one for TISS-SVE?

My education and training in the field of clinical trial, pharmacovigilance, medical writing, regulatory affairs can be useful for TISS-SVE.

Few words for the budding pharmacologists.

Metaphorically speaking, career in medical pharmacology is “the road less traveled” at least in the Indian context. But you have an opportunity to leave a new trail that can make your career in medical pharmacology in India as the road more often traveled. You should have an attitude of life long learner, passion for pharmacology and desire of giving something back to the society.

Dr.Sandeep Kumar Gupta, is also the treasurer and one of the founding members of IMPA. He is well known among the Indian pharmacologists circle for many of his research articles and books. Read more about TISS:SVE here. thank him for this interview.

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