Fetus in Fetu | “Long lost twin”. Literally

TOI reported a rare case of Fetus in Fetu. I was really shocked to read this “3.5kg fetus removed from one-year-old girl in Tamil Nadu: A one-year-old girl from Erode was found seemingly ‘pregnant’ due to a condition called fetus-in-fetu by doctors”.

Fetus in fetu (FIF) is a rare congenital anomaly. It is a condition in which malformed and parasitic fetus is located in the body of its twin. The anomaly was first defined in early nineteenth century by Meckel.  Despite its prevalence among infants and children, there have been reports of cases in which the anomaly had remained asymptomatic until later ages. This rare congenital anomaly, which was reported around 100 times since its first definition in the nineteenth century, has been discussed with respect to its prognosis and treatment in the light of the relevant literature

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