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Ever felt the difficulty in remembering the steps to follow in a clinical trial protocol? Hope these difficulties will be solved by this android application, “Dynamic protocol” developed by a MD Pharmacology Postgraduate student at PGIMER, Chandigarh. Dr.Praveen Kumar who is from Chennai, finished his MBBS from Tanjore Medical College, Tanjore. I met him at IPSCON-2016, PGIMER, Chandigarh. It was the last day of the event (22-10-16) and as i was coming out of the food court viewing the research posters hung on the board by the presenters, i heard a bold voice explaining about a mobile application. It intrigued me. That was when i first met Dr.Praveen Kumar. He must be around 25 years old and was so vibrant in his presentation. When i suggested some edits he was too sceptical and guarded to accept it. I must even say he was hostile. *Hahaha* But i didn’t walk away as i felt he had some extraordinary stuff within him and so continued to converse with him. We discussed a lot on this and in the end we became good friends. Surprisingly he was my father’s student at Tanjore Medical College and had done General Medicine internship under his unit. Dr.Praveen explained me about the future developements and updates in the app. When I asked for  his interview on behalf of Impas Academy, he obliged to give one after updating few things in the app. Also, he is working on a project on Virtual Screening of Drugs which he is planning to present at a interational summit in the US.


Dynamic Protocol | Play Store: Android

Summary from the app page:

Problem statement

Scientist including the Biologist, Life scientist, Engineers, Neuroscientist, Physicist, Clinical Doctors, Chemist all around the world makes a lot of protocols, which are to be followed in their experiment and work. The hundreds of protocol each amounting to 10 to 30 steps need to be followed routinely. The complexity arises in the number of the factors like that of the accessibility to the protocol during the time of the experimentation, the requirement for following with the great degree of accuracy the time, temperature and much more. The researchers are routinely comfortable to the self-made protocols. Additionally, the twitching of the time and temperature need to be done in the initial time period for establishment of the protocol. This app is targeted against all these pits falls.

The app gives a rich dynamic interface for the creation, editing and most importantly for running the protocol. The app once fed with the data will help you at the time of the experimentation by describing each and every step of the protocol individually, taking care of the time pertaining to the step. The app will remind you the time when you need to change to the next step. The visual background will automatically change based on the temperature and the description of every step of the protocol will be clean and made in individual pages. The transition in the case of the timed steps will also be automatic.

The app is made in the most stable version of Android Studio (2.2) with the advanced material interface. The app is coded in the high-end JAVA(Standard edition). The app has the power to store limitless protocols (even 1 thousand) and each protocol can have 1 to 30 steps. The app also has a rich user interface.

What will be offered in the upcoming update:

Google voice to text advanced programming interface will be integrated for making entries in all the instance of the app.

Google text to speech advanced programming interface will be integrated for the run the protocol (so the app will essentially read out the protocol!!!! cool na!!!)

The option of tagging a step as the forgetful step and correspondingly you being reminded of the step by the app will be added. In addition to this, you will have the option for the deleting a protocol, deleting any step and also you can “add” additional step in the saved protocol.

You can download the app from the Google play Store by clicking here.

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