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Hyperlipidemia is protective against cancer comorbidities : But statins may the reason!! -Abstract submitted at BCS 2016 [OMG!!]

A research abstract accepted by British Cardiovascular Society (BCS) for BCS conference 2016, shows the “real quality of research and conference.”


Conclusion: We have demonstrated for the first time that comorbid hyperlipidaemia has a highly protective effect on mortality amongst patients with the four most prevalent cancers in the UK. The underlying reasons for this are yet to be determined but treatment with statins may contribute. This potentially beneficial effect of lipid-lowering medications amongst cancer patients should be further investigated.”

Courtesy: Dr. Anand Srinivasan – “Whole world would appreciate if a famous group provides a conclusion like this. But the author has gone over board in including statin in the conclusion.”


For more information please read the abstract submitted to BCS.


A Statin Affair | Refuting the controversies surrounding the statin use

Recently there is lot of air surrounding the statin usage. Few sites and even FB posts by the doctors claims that statins are harmful and upon seeing that the users, mostly patients asks the doctor whether to continue the drug or not? This created a lot of confusion among the patients. Once a doctor prescribes statin they are being questioned about fidelity of its use. Upon seeing all those we at wanted to disprove all such claims backed with evidence. Watch this video presentation below.



Metformin: A wonder drug

With proof of anticancer activity, metformin status has gone still up the ladder with the recent evidence of reducing the risk of adverse cardiovascular outcomes in patients with type 2 diabetes compared with sulfonylurea monotherapies. Read more about it here.