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ASPIRE 2018 | SRMC, Chennai | Jan 30 – Feb 4, 2017

Dear Sir / Madam, 

Greetings from the Dept. of Pharmacology, Sri Ramachandra University (ASPIRE’18).
We are organising a rapid review course in Pharmacology titled as ASPIRE ’18 from January 30 to February 4, 2018. Postgraduates and faculty from various medical colleges all over India are attending.  It runs for 6 days.

We have attached the brochure, registration form and accommodation form.

        We are requesting the HODs and Professors to encourage their postgraduates and interested faculties to attend the course.You can contact any one of us for queries.
Thanking You,

Dr.C.Vasanthi – 94440 38570

Dr.D.Anusha – 98843 13112

Dr.K.Karthika – 73587 55652

For brochure: Click here.

Please use this link for registration

For any queries contact us on –

Dr.Thulasi Gokul – 9652513724, 8919219324

Dr.Nenavath Vinay – 9989132220

Organising Team, ASPIRE’18.


Neuropsychopharmacon 2018 | Azeezia Medical College, Kerela | Jan 18, 2018

Dear Doctor,
We have immense pleasure in inviting you to the National Conference

#Neuropsychopharmacon_2018 – “Rejuvenate your neurons”
18th, January 2018

Organised by
Department of Pharmacology,
Azeezia Institute of Medical Sciences & research, Kollam


Indian Medical Pharmacologists Association ( IMPA)

For further details, registration & latest updates please visit:

Click here to submit your registration forms:

With warm regards,
The organizing council


Medical Conclave on Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) use | August 27, 2017 | IMA hall, Trichy

This is an era of regenerative therapy. As we are shifting our focus from treating the symptoms/signs of injury or disease to augmenting the natural healing/repair mechanisms, the need for proper knowledge about the regenerative therapy is of paramount importance.

For this, Mothercell Regenerative Centre (MCRC) in association with Indian Medical Pharmacologists Association (IMPA) and under the purview of IMA, Trichy Chapter is organizing a one-day Medical Conclave on Practical and Research Guidance in the use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in various specialities. As a Diabetic, Sexual Medicine and Regenerative Therapy Consultant, I will be talking on the Pharmacodynamics of PRP in Erectile Dysfunction.

You can find the details of the program and registration form here.

For online registrations, click here.

 Program schedule

One of the widely used, approved and legally accepted cell-based regenerative therapy is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy. Let’s see some basics about platelet first.

Platelets are non-nucleated cells derived from Bone marrow megakaryocytes. The ratio of platelets to red blood cells in a healthy adult ranges from 1:10 to 1:20. It’s a biconvex structured cell which secretes various factors namely, Thromboxane A2, Platelet Derived Growth Factor (PDGF), PF4, serotonin, WBC, Phagocytic cells, fibrin matrix and unknown (growth) factors.

The main function of platelet is sealed the damaged blood vessel and provide an initial hemostatic plug (primary hemostasis) until the formation of fibrin plug (secondary hemostasis).

                                             Action of platelet in hemostasis

A concept of orthobiologics emerged in which therapeutic substances are made from naturally occurring elements in the human body which can hasten/augment the healing/regenerative process. One of such therapeutic substance is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), which paved way for its usage in various indicated across specialities.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

To label a product as PRP, the plasma product obtained after double centrifugation of whole blood should contain platelet 4-5 times the baseline count (1.5L – 4.5L). A normal cell ratio of platelet in plasma is 6% but PRP contains 94% platelets.


Uses of PRP

The use of PRP is so wide, that it can be used almost in any field where the intention of healing by augmented regeneration is expected. For example, it can be used in diabetic ulcers, infertility management, skin graft failures, sealing of bleed after dental extractions, ligament/tendon/cartilage injuries. Don’t think of this as a one-stop solution or a magic remedy for any ailment. Think from this perspective: if we consider stem cells are seeds, PRP is like a fertilizer.

Fertilizer + Seed Concept

Now the quality and quantity of stem cells go down as age progress and when there is accelerated ageing (sedentary lifestyle/lack of exercise, stress, smoking, alcohol, obesity, junk food habits). In healthy young patients, PRP treatment can provide a good regenerative option. But for old age patients or ones with the above lifestyle, PRP treatment needs to be supported with autologous or allogenic stem cell treatment (MSCs preferably)

The preparation of PRP needs a dedicated centrifugation facility with a trained personnel to prepare the product which has to be utilized within a short period of time. To circumvent this problem, our regenerative therapy team, Mothercell Regenerative Centre (MCRC) from Trichy, Tamilnadu, have formulated a lyophilized allogenic PRP powder (first in India) which can be transported anywhere without stringent storage requirement and has an extended shelf life if refrigerated under recommended condition. They have applied for product patent and will be soon available for treatment after efficacy trials.

 Lyophilised PRP | Product of MCRC, Trichy

Out of all regenerative therapies, the best ones will be regular exercise, nonprocessed food with plenty of fruits and green leafy vegetables, sun exposure, lots of laughter, meditation/yoga/pranayama and ample amount of circadian sleep.

PRP pictures Courtesy: Dr Madhan Jayaraman MBBS., (MS ortho).,

MCRC Directors: Dr. V.R.Ravi MS ortho., Dr S.Sankaranarayanan MDS., Dr.K.Manimaran MDS.,


Stem Cells – Are they a magic bullet?

When the name stem cell rings in our ears, more conmen incidences runs through our thoughts. The science behind it has been over shadowed by the multi-crore businesses surrounding it applications. From the banking of umbilical cord stem cells to autologous transplant into the needed tissue its application has got widened pretty much since its entry into the scientific market. Not to forget the incidences of “60 minutes” show of CBS television, USA tracking down conmen offering stem cell therapy for a dearly price 6 years ago. But science have travelled a long way. From utilizing the embryonic stem cells to almost not using it nowadays we have got way advanced in this field. Let me give you some basic insights about stem cells here in this blog.

Stem cells are considered a blank slate, which can transform into any tissue depending upon the organ’s requirement. The potency and viability of stem cell are proven to decline as we age. Due to this, the repairing process declines too. So when we talk about autologous vs allogenic stem cell transplant (discussed later in this blog), this concept takes the center stage.

Types of stem cells:

ESCs are pluripotent whereas ASCs are multipotent. But many researches have stated that ASCs are pluripotent. This misunderstanding is a result of accepting in-vitro differentiation data that were generated by using non-physiological conditions and non-specific cell markers (These markers are used to track SCs once transplanted into the human body. Difficulties faced are fluorescence emitted by markers mimics auto-fluorescence by human tissue cells, markers can leak out and can stain normal tissue, harsh treatment required for tracking. These can give false positive results).

While we have so called ‘cures’ for many ailments, they address only the symptoms and not the disease per se. So patients have to bear the grunt of the disease. Stem cells are a promising option which address the underlying pathology of the disease rather than just resolving the symptoms. It helps in augmenting or accelerating the body’s natural regenerative capacity.

Does it sounds like a magic bullet? Now the main problem is that we are not able to utilize the full potential of stem cells. We either fail in the in-vivo differentiation process or being not able to produce a clinically significant regeneration. There is no uniformity in the understanding of stem cell behavior. Different researchers give their hypothesis for stem cell behavior. For example, few consider autologous stem cell transplant is better than allogenic as there is no immunogenicity as long we use MSCs (as they lack MHC-II). Whereas the ones who do allogenic transplant (stem cells obtained from human fetal waste tissues like umbilical cord or placenta after getting consent from the mother) claim that these stem cells taken from the fetal tissues retain the maximum potency and viability. The immunogenicity is addressed by removing the antigenic property by processing of these tissues prior to the transplant. This debate will be never-ending until the near future which will give us an answer!

We can see the sprouting of multiple stem cell treatment centers and storage banks within last few years. For the storage of the stem cells these banks charge around 50 thousand to 2 lac rupees till 26 years of the child age with an offer of additional two years free of cost. They even offer EMI options. The parents get paranoid by the proposals of the banking executives, that the storing of stem cells can be help full for the child and the sibling in case of blood cancers, storage disorders etc., in the future. But none of them actually know the whereabouts of the tissue storage facility and the quality control procedure. Imagine that these stem cells are stored in a facility where there is no proper maintenance of temperature and purity which could seriously compromise the viability of those cells. And what guarantee the client get that these companies will return their stem cells or even respond to them when they are in need of those cells after 26+2 years? The sense of fear of illness drives us towards these banking facilities. These stem cell banks lure their prospective clients with excellent web designs and trained executives who with their sugar coated tongue convince their clients. I am not trying to imply that that it’s not useful, but there exists a cloud of uncertainty surrounding their functioning.

With my research over stem cell applications in India, I found its use mostly in infertility, anti-aging, non-healing ulcers, critical limb ischemia (CLI) and in many orthopedic (non-union, ligament tears, OA, resorptive bone diseases etc.) and dental diseases (oral submucosal fibrosis, tooth regeneration etc.). Many other diseases like cerebral palsy, retinitis pigmentosa, cardiomyopathy and erectile dysfunction are being tried. As you can observe one thing from the above diseases that they don’t have any curative treatment options. So people’s desperation drives them to a better treatment. And I would say it’s their luck and sometimes their effort which takes them to an appropriate treatment center or doctor.

These practicing doctors are skeptical about publishing their results. Reason, many don’t know its scientific background. They purchase from the vendors who supplies it in the name of “product for research” (legal loop hole to evade convictions). Few don’t have the inclination and time to publish their research as they fall in to the category of “busy practioners” who openly proclaim their inability to publish their results due to time constraints. Few even claim that the journal rejects their manuscripts quoting their products as mere fibroblasts and sometimes they even say the West suppress Indians. I don’t argue about the genuinity of the their treatment here but because of this, stem cell therapy done in the private clinics remains a clandestine treatment option to the eyes of the actual researchers. Many research institutes in India like PGIMER-Chandigarh, AIIMS-New Delhi, Stem cell center for Advanced Research – Govt. Stanley Hospital Chennai  and many private hospitals namely Aravind Eye hospitals – Madurai, Narayan Health City – Bangalore provide commercial stem cell treatment options with concomitant research in that filed.

First DCGI approved stem cell trials and product is from a private company named Stempeutics. Their one of the product Stempeucel has got limited marketing license for CLI and have completed phase 2 trial for OA and diabetic foot ulcer. They along with School of Regenerative Medicine (SORM), Manipal University offer MSC and PhD courses on Regenerative medicine.

With regenerative medical and surgical procedures pacing up in developments for various cosmetic & therapeutic applications, stem cells therapies are finding its role, either scientifically or clandestinely, in varieties of unproven disorders with a miraculous promise of complete cure.

In lieu of having a negative notion on stem cell therapies, let’s have a discussion with the experts in the field of stem cell research and treatment. Multidisciplinary Research Unit of Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Medical College, Perambalur is organising an one day National Symposium on Regenerative Medicine on June 3rd, 2017. I am being the organising secretary for the event, have invited speakers who are having more than a decade of experience in stem cell research and Treatment.

Opening talk will be by Dr. V.R Ravi, Consultant Orthopedician & the Director of Mother Cell Regenerative Centre (MCRC), Trichy. He is also the secretary of Indian Stem Cell Study Group (ISCSG). His talk will be followed by Dr.Sankaranarayanan’s lecture, who is Dental Surgeon and the Director of MCRC, Trichy. He is one of the pioneers in dental pulp stem cell (DPSC) research and have given successful results for patients with oral submuscosal fibrosis using DPSC. He also received the Best Innovator Award at the International Stem Cell Conclave on May 2017 organised by Antiaging Foundation, India in New Delhi. Myself, Dr.Natesh Prabhu, Assistant Professor in Pharmacology, DSMCH and Diabetic & Sexual Medicine Consultant at Manipal Specialty Clinic, Trichy will be giving a talk on Role of Stem cells in erectile dysfunction (ED) and Infertility. With an increasing incidence of diabetes induced ED and the high failure rate of PDE5 inhibitors (Viagra, Cialis, Tazzle) in these patients, stem cell therapy has shown to offer a promising restoration of erection for them. All these are in research stage and approved therapies are yet to hit the market. But this can’t be a reason to withhold a promising treatment option of autologous stem cell injection in the cavernous sinusoids of the penis. Various preclinical and few clinical studies (mostly abroad) have been done to support this claim. I will be explaining about ED and various treatment options in a different blog. My talk will be followed by the key note lecture from Dr.Rosy Vennila whose is the professor & Head of Microbiology department at Govt. Stanley Medical College, Chennai. She is the principal investigator of the Stem Cell Centre for Advanced Research which is the only government research body (supported by ICMR funding) to undergo stem cell research, on hepatocytes specifically, in Tamilnadu. Then we have three speakers from Bengaluru. Dr.(Lt.Col)Pawan Kumar Gupta, a hemato-pathologist and Vice President of Medical Affairs, Stempeutics Research Pvt. Ltd. Dr.Prathip Kumar, a consultant hematologist for Narayana Hrudayala Tissue bank and Stem cell Research centre at Narayana Health City. And Dr. Debasish Das who has done his postdoctoral research on stem cells at Karolinska Medical Nobel Institute, Stockholm and working as the Head of Stem cell Research Lab at Narayana Nethralaya. Final talk will be from our in-house oncologist Dr.Arun Seshachalam who is also the consultant oncologists from GVN hospital, Trichy. He is currently affiliated with many oncology trials  at GVN hospital and you can find his interviews to various channels like Sun TV on YouTube. And the last session is for the delegates to interact with our speakers during the panel discussion and clarify any of their doubts on stem cell research and treatment.

So don’t miss out on this humongous opportunity to learn about stem cells directly from the experts and clarify the enigmatic idea of whether the stem cells are really a magic bullet!

We have applied for 2 credit hours from Tamilnadu Medical Council


National Workshop on R for Basic Biostatistics | July 19 -21, 2017 | AIIMS, Bhubaneshwar

The department of Pharmacology at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) – Bhubaneswar is organizing a “National Workshop on R for Basic Biostatistics” from July 19 -21, 2017. 

Aims of the Workshop:
To give an idea about the basic structure and functioning of R programming language
To manage, analyze (basic functions) and interpret the data generated from research projects and thesis using R as a statistical analysis platform

Target Audience
Anyone who is interested to learn and new to R
Medicine/ biology/ other health sector faculties, residents, scientists, research scholars and students

Programming capabilities – NONE
A very basic understanding of statistics is preferable but not mandatory

Fee details
INR 5500/- for faculties, personnel from industry and scientists
INR 4000/- for residents, students and research scholars (researchers pursuing PhD)

The demand draft should be made in favor of “AIIMS, Bhubaneswar”, payable at Bhubaneswar. After making the demand draft, please mention your name, designation, place and phone number at the back of it using pencil. Fee once paid is non-refundable

For more details, click here.


Pharmethicon – CME on Bioethics | GMC, Calicut, Kerala | April 22,2017

Department of Pharmacology, Govt. Medical College, Calicut will be organising a one day CME titled “PHARMETHICON” on Bioethics – The Current Perspectives on April 22, 2017.

For registration fee and program scedule, refere the brochure below.


Workshop on Human Bioethics | April 26, 2017 | JIPMER, Puducherry

Division of Research & Department of Clinical Pharmacology, JIPMER will be organising a one day workshop on Human Bioethics on April 26, 2017.

Topics to be Covered

•General ethical issues
•Responsibilities and review procedures of Institute Ethics committee
•ICMR ethical principles for special groups as research participants
•ICMR ethical principles for clinical evaluation of Vaccines – Devices/diagnostics  – Herbal drugs
•ICMR ethical guidelines 2006 vs 2016 – an overview
•Ethical guidelines for Regulatory Clinical Trials
•General ethical guidelines for biobank / repository

Target audiences

Members of Ethics Committee, Clinical Trials Committee, Scientific Committee, Postgraduate/ Undergraduate/ Nursing research monitoring committees etc., Faculty and Postgraduates interested in ethical guidelines of biomedical research

Registration fee
Before April 20, 2017 : ₹ 500 /-, April 21 to April 25, 2017 : ₹ 800 /-
Spot registration : ₹ 1,000 /-

For Brochure and Registration from click here.
For online payment:
Account name: Human Bioethics, Bank of Baroda, JIPMER EC, Pondicherry.
Account no: 9834100003512 IFSC code: BARB0JIPMER
Registration acknowledgement and other correspondences will be by e-mail only.
Registrations are accepted on a first come first serve basis. The workshop is limited to 50 participants only.


National Workshop on Pharmacoeconomics | June 16-17, 2017 | PIMS, Pudhucherry

Department of Pharmacology, Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) in association Indian Medical Pharmacologists Association (IMPA) will be conducting a “National Workshop on Pharmacoeconomics” on June 16 – 17, 2017.

This will be a hands-on workshop and the participants are requested to bring their laptops.

Pharmacoeconomics (PE) is an emerging branch in health sciences for decision making. Incorporating the principles and methods of pharmacoeconomics into clinical practice quantifies the value of pharmacotherapy through balancing costs and outcomes. The organisers have invited speakers with immense knowledge & experience in HEOR sectors and the academic institutes. Details of them are as below.

Dr. K.R. John, Professor & Head, Community Medicine, Apollo Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, Chittoor.
Dr. Sujith J ChandyProfessor, Pharmacology & Clinical Pharmacology, CMC, Vellore
Dr. Amit Dang, Founder and CEO, MarksMan Healthcare Solutions & President, International Society for Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research ( ISPOR ) – Mumbai Chapter
Mr. Mahendra Kumar Rai, Delivery Head, HEOR & Market Access at TCS, Mumbai & President-elect, International Society for Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research ( ISPOR )– Mumbai Chapter
Dr. Sachidananda Adiga, Professor & Head, Pharmacology, Karwar Institute of Medical Sciences, Karwar
Dr. Jayanthi.M, Associate Professor, Pharmacology, JIPMER, Puducherry

Objectives of the workshop
(*) To introduce the basic principles of Pharmacoeconomics
(*) To provide hands on experience on the various types of pharmacoeconomic analyses
(*)To sensitize the participants to undertake pharmacoeconomic research in their respective institutions

Target Audience
Faculty & postgraduate students of Pharmacology and other specialities

Registration fee
Rs. 2000/- for faculty
Rs. 1500/- for postgraduates ( Please attach bonafide certificate from HOD / Head of the Institution along with the registration form)

“SPOT REGISTRATION will not be entertained”

Steps of Registration
Fill in the registration form along with the DD (or) NEFT details and send either by post (or) email respectively on or before May 31, 2017.


Registration Form

Account details (For online transfer/NEFT)
Bank name: Central Bank of India, PIMS branch, Puducherry
Account no.: 1235532088
IFSC code: CBIN0284147

You can also register/pay by your credit/debit card through PlexusMD, our online ticketing partner. Click here.

Number of participants is restricted to 40 only.

For Program brochure, Click here.

Facebook RSVP, click here.

Also,dont forget to visit Matri Mandir_Auroville by morning & to get a glimpse of pondy’s weekend night life!

  • Serenity Beach, Rock Beach
  • Nehru Street, Mission Street & White Town: Shopping and Food
  • Sri Aurobindo Ashram
  • ManakulaVinayagar Temple
  • Nice cathedrals
  • Paradise Island

National Workshop on GCP, Bioethics and Conference on Strategies in conducting clinical trials | March 24 & 25, 2017 | DSMCH,Perambalur

I am Dr. Natesh Prabhu | Co-Organising secretary for this event and the President of Indian Medical Pharmacologists Association. I want you all to know what makes this event a special one and a must to attend. Kindly read this and share it with your peers!
This is one of my “dream come true moment”, having an exclusive National workshop cum conference organized right from the IMPA headquarters. It has been just more than two years now and we, at IMPA, are able to come forward with such a big event. First of all I would like to thank my team and management, Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Medical College and Hospital, Perambalur, who are supporting us by all possible means.
*What’s special about this event?*
You may think this is one other workshop/conference where there will be lectures with parallel poster presentations. You are right. But what makes this special are the speakers. Many of the speakers are part of IMPA team right from beginning. They have seen us progressing through tough times. And this gives me immense sense of satisfaction and pleasure to have them on the dais delivering the lectures. As you can see from our program schedule that first day is the Workshop on Good Clinical Practices & Bioethics. Currently, the significance of GCP & Bioethics training/certification is growing up as the rules & regulations stating the requirements of GCP/Bioethics certified staffs in the panel of ethics committee, journal editors/reviewers, CRO employees and any researchers working on clinical trials. With the investigator-initiated clinical trials picking up pace in the tier two and three cities, the need for GCP certification is coming up at the cost of few thousands and mostly all are online courses with substandard trainers. To overcome these shortcomings, we have invited faculties from premier research centers, academia and industries to train the participants. One full day of brain-storming training on GCP & Bioethics will give the participants confidence towards ethical and standardized conductance of research.
The second day will be the conference on Strategies in Conducting Clinical Trial. Starting from First–in Human studies to Post marketing studies, we have invited speakers who are currently working in or have actually worked on that particular field of their talk. This makes the talk very sensible as they speak their heart out based on their actual experience. We have certainly avoided calling in irrelevant speakers just for the sake of courtesy, which again make this event special. To end the event, we have two interesting sessions on “Concepts in Conducting Trials with Medical Devices” and “Role of Clinical Pharmacologists in Research”. Medical devices trial laws and regulations are evolving fast in India, with MoHFW releasing the Medical Devices Rules, 2017. This rule, unless specified otherwise, shall come into force with effect from 1st day of January, 2018. Therefore this dedicated session on medical devices trials will benefit the clinicians who, in future can be a principal investigator at their organization. Finally my mentor, Dr.Ram Mohan will be delivering a consolidated talk about the various roles of clinical pharmacologists, right from being a teacher to senior advisor/vice president in a pharmaceutical company.
Second day will also have parallel sessions for oral and poster presentations exclusively on Clinical Trials: Either as an original research or clinical trial reviews/Emerging trends in clinical trials. The winners will be awarded with certificates and prizes.
Lastly, as team IMPA envisaged, there is going to be an event, which is exclusively framed for MD/DM pharmacologists with the target audience being us, the Indian Medical Pharmacologists. Hereby, we shall UNITE, EXPLORE & INNOVATE!


Early Bird Registration (Before 7th March):
For faculty: 1500 INR
For post-graduate: 1000 INR

Late Registration (After 7th March):
For faculty: 1700 INR
For post-graduate: 1200 INR

Spot Registration (No Guarantee for Kit):
For faculty: 2000 INR
For post-graduate: 1500 INR

(PG students should attach their BONA FIDE CERTIFICATE from their HOD/institution)

Account Details (For Online Transfer / NEFT):

Bank Name: Indian Overseas Bank, Siruvachur
Account No.: 227301000006469
IFSC Code: IOBA0002273

Registration with Demand Draft:
Enclose a Demand Draft in favour of “NATIONAL WORKSHOP ON GCP BIOETHICS”, payable at Siruvachur, Perambalur

Delegates are expected to arrange for their own accommodation. Hostel accomodations are availble on a sharing basis. Rs: 300 per person / day.
For list of hotels in and around perambalur, click here

Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Medical College & Hospital (DSMCH) is situated in Siruvachur, NH-45 highway: 253Km from Chennai Airport towards Trichy, 285 Km from Chennai Central Railway Junction towards Trichy, 56 Km from Trichy Railway Junction towards Chennai. The college is well-connected by bus facilities from the Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus (CMBT), Koyambedu, towards Trichy.

Dr. Surendra Kumar Bouddh
Chief Organizing Secretary, Professor,
Department of Pharmacology,
Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Medical College & Hospital, Siruvachur-621113, Perambalur, Tamilnadu, Mobile: +919442533490
Dr. Natesh Prabhu (+919585890660)
Co – Organising Secretary, Assistant Professor, Dept. Of Pharmacology

Paper Presentation theme: Clinical trials
Best 10 abstracts will be selected for Poster Presentation
Best 20 abstracts will be selected for Oral presentation
* 10 abstracts on “Original Research” Catergory
* 10 abstracts on “Clinical Trial Reviews” and “Emerging Trends in Clinical Trials” category
Send your abstracts to on or before March 12, 2017 | Confirmation of acceptance / Rejection to be sent before March 19, 2017
For further details contact Dr. Sandeep Kumar Gupta: +91-8940016928
For guidelines, click here


ANNUAL SRI RAMACHANDRA UNIVERSITY PHARMACOLOGY INSIGHT & REVIEW COURSE ‘17 | Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai | Jan 27 – Feb 1, 2017

Dept. of Pharmacology, Sri Ramachandra University, in collaboration with Indian Medical Pharmacologists Association (IMPA),  is organising a rapid review course in Pharmacology titled as ASPIRE ’17 (ANNUAL SRI RAMACHANDRA UNIVERSITY PHARMACOLOGY INSIGHT & REVIEW COURSE ‘17) from January 27 to February 1, 2017. Postgraduates and faculties from various medical colleges all over India will be attending. It runs for 6 days.

Registration Fee: Rs. 3,500/-
Fee includes Lunch, Course kit, Morning and Evening Tea (Accomodation not included )
Last Date for Early Bird Registration: 10.1.2017
After 10.1.2017 & Spot Registration : Rs. 4000/-

Participants will be Limited to 70
Accomodation is available on a limited basis within the campus – Rs. 400/- Per Day (Subject to Changes)


NEFT transaction details

Potential Participants:
MD, DNB, DM Postgraduates in Pharmacology


For any queries:
Dr. C.VASANTHI – Organising Chairman | Ph: 9444038570
Dr. D.ANUSHA – Organising Secretary | Ph: 9884313112
Dr. K.KARTHIKA – Joint Organising Secretary | Ph: 7358755652
E-mail :

For Registration forms and brochure click here.


From IMPA: As a part of Indian Medical Pharmacologists Association (IMPA)’s objective to teach & train MD/DNB Pharmacology students, we are collaborating with Department of Pharmacology, Sri Ramachandra University in organising this event. We extend our full support and request students to utilise this program to the fullest.


36th National Workshop on Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (NWCPT 2017) | PGIMER, Chandigarh | 6th-10th March, 2017

Highly Recommended | 36th National Workshop on Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (NWCPT 2017) at the Department of Pharmacology, PGIMER, Chandigarh during 6th-10th March, 2017.

“The aim is to introduce the participants to the basics of clinical research and widen their perspective in clinical research and this workshop will bring together pharmacologists, researchers, educators and professionals from Academic Institute and Pharmaceutical Industry. NWCPT 2017 will be enriched with various scientific sessions, that cover Good Clinical Practice and Bioethics, Regulatory and Industrial Prospective, Pharmacokinetics and Biostatistics. This promises to be exciting scientific workshop for participants by providing an opportunity to hear and engage with the best clinical researchers from all over the India.”

Only100 seats are available. Enrollment will be given on first come first basis | Last date for registration: Jan 31,2017

For further information, please email: |

1) Academic: 9,000 INR
2) Academic(Spot Registration):10,000 INR
3) Industry: 12,000 INR

Payment must be made in favour of “NWCPT“, A/c no.:32729810658, payable at SBI, Medical branch, Sector-12, Chandigarh; IFSC code.:SBIN0001524, MICR code:160002007.

NOTE :ONLY Draft and NEFT / RTGS IS ALLOWED. After transaction by NEFT / RTGS or Draft, please save the transaction details and email the PDF/IMAGE to email ID:

Please mail the demand draft to: Prof Bikash Medhi, Organizing Secretary, NWCPT 2017, Room No-4043, Department of Pharmacology, Research Block-B, PGIMER, Chandigarh-160012

* Posted as received


ISRPTCON 2017 | 9-11 February 2017 | Government Medical College, Raigarh

The 8th  conference of Indian society of Rational therapeutics 2016-17 (ISRPTCON2017) is being hosted by the Department of Pharmacology at Late Shri Lakhiram Agrawal Memorial Government Medical College, Raigarh (Chattisgarh), India on February 9-11, 2017. The Pre-conference Workshop schedule has been organized with Four Workshop modules planned on February 9, 2017 with two parallel sessions designed for a single day.


Click here to read their Letter of Invitation.

Click here for Registration form.

Click here to view their website.

P.S: ISRPT is a society for all general practioners (MBBS/BDS/BAMS/BHMS) who are the stake holders in promoting rational therapeutics.


National workshop on Study Designs in Clinical Trials | SRM Medical College & Hospital, Chennai | Feb 3-4, 2017 | ISCR & IMPA Supported

Department of Clinical Pharmacology & Department of Pharmacology SRM Medical College Hospital & Research Centre,Chennai in Association with Indian Society of Clinical Research (ISCR) and Indian Medical Pharmacologists Association (IMPA) will be organising a two day National workshop on Study Designs in Clinical Trials on February 3 & 4, 2017.


Introduction to Clinical Trials,  Randomization, Blinding & Allocation concealment, Bias in clinical trials, Different study designs in clinical trials,  Superiority trials vs non-inferiority trials, Surrogate end points, Adaptive trial designs, Cross over study designs, Vaccine trial designs, Device trials.

Regisitration Details:


Those who need Medical Council credit hours should pay additional Rs. 120 /-. Please make the Demand Draft in favor of “SRM Hospital and Research Centre”, payable at Chennai. Please complete the registration form and send to the Organizing Secretary along with DD. Those wishing to do online transfer of the registration fees, may do so, to the above mentioned account and provide the transaction ID with date of transfer in your registration form. Students/PGs should send a bonafide certificate from Head of the Department / Institution. Registration acknowledgement and other correspondences will be by e-mail only.

Registration Form:


Get the program brochure and registration form here.

Contact Information:

Ms.Luxitaa Goenka: 9003289470
Ms. Amrita Jena: 8056121939
Landline: 044-27455826

Address for Communication: 
Dr. Melvin George
Organizing Secretary
Assistant Professor
Department of Clinical Pharmacology
SRM Medical College Hospital & Research center, Kattankalathur-603203
Mobile: 98941 33697


Extension of Early bird registration & Abstract submission deadline: National Conference on Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, Narayana Medical College, Nellore

Update on our event!

Due to requests from attendees we have extended the EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION (till 30.9.16) and ABSTRACT SUBMISSION DEADLINE (22.9.16). Kindly note down. The organisers have arranged for a Gala dinner (8.9.16), with Dj For8lity dropping some of the best EDM/bollywood tunes!
Also, a reminder that online registrations can be done through:

Don’t miss it!

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Online Registration for National Conference on Basic and Clinical Pharmacology | NMC, Nellore (Social Media Partner) associated PlexusMD for online registration of the National Conference on Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, Nellore.

Click here to register online:




National Conference on Basic and Clinical Pharmacology: “Bridging Academia and Industry” | Narayana Medical College, Nellore | 7, 8 & 9 October,2016

Narayana Medical College, Nellore will be conducting a National Workshop cum Conference on 7, 8 & 9th October, 2016. This event is supported by Indian Medical Pharmacologists Association (IMPA) and Indian Pharmacological Society (IPS). The participants will be rewarded with Six APMC credit points.

Check out the brochures for more details on the Conference and Workshop.

Nellore Conf 1

Registration & Accomodation Details

Registration & Accomodation Details

Workshop curated by JIPMER faculties

Pre-Conference Workshop curated by JIPMER faculties

Reasons why this conference should not be missed, especially by postgraduate students and researchers in pharmacology:

  1. Narayana Medical College, ‘NAAC-A’ accredited college in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh which imparts high quality education to their students and personalised care to their patients. They strive to provide best-in-class venue for the attendees of this conference. The event venue is provided with enthralling audio-video setup to give the attendees a precise viewing experience.
  2. Meet the stalwarts in pharmacology, namely Dr. Mur Naidu, Dr. Raveendran, Dr. Gitanjali and many more to be named.
  3. Meet the young and dynamic pharmacologists from our IMPA team: Dr. Rama Mohan, Dr. Maulik Doshi, Dr. Anand Srinivasan and many more.
  4. First time in the Indian Pharmacology scene, a national conference in pharmacology is supported by two associations, one which is celebrating its Golden Jubilee this year | IPS and other one which has just started its journey with a dire intention to bring about changes in improving the current medical pharmacology scene in India | IMPA.
  5. This event will provide a platform for participants to interact directly with experts from academia and Big pharma. Their experience can be an inspiration and guidance to the budding pharmacologists.
  6. Workshop which is curated by the JIPMER team, is framed so as to provide a good insight on the  “Computer Applications” for any researcher working in pharmacology.
  7. The conference perse will cover topics from basic to clinical pharmacology which will help the postgraduates and freshers in bridging the knowledge gap between academia and Industry.
  8. Nellore is a place not missed to be seen. Attendees can go for a tour around the beautiful city to chill after the brainstorming sessions. Check out what you should be seeing in Nellore. Also don’t forget about the gala dinner to lift your spirits high 😉

Department of Pharmacology | NMC

Lecture Theatre | NMC

Lecture Theatre | NMC

Auditorium | NMC

Auditorium | NMC


Dr. Rama Mohan +91-9440935145

Dr. Divyalasya      +91-9652556643

Make sure you avail the early bird registrations which will end by 15-09-2016. Also book your stays, the details of which are given on the brochure. Also check this link for oyo rooms.

Share the RSVP for this event with your friends.

QR code for the event.

QR code for the event is the social media partner for this event. And yeah! we do have lot of surprises piled up for you. 😉


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National Workshop on Drug Evaluation | A.J.Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, Mangalore | September 23-24, 2016

1 2


Workshop on Applications of Clinical Pharmacokinetics | 19 & 20 August, 2016 | JIPMER

IMG-20160729-WA0002 IMG-20160729-WA0003

Registration Form

Registration Form


National Workshop on Good Clinical Practice (GCP) | 29&30 Aug | Azeezia Institute of Medical Science,Kollam

Under the auspices of Indian pharmacological society, Azeezia Institute of Medical Sciences, Kollam, Kerala will be conducting a two-day workshop on “GOOD CLINICAL PRACTICE (GCP)”

Please mark the date: 29th and 30th August 2016

Cost: INR: 2000 (Students) / INR: 2500 (Staffs)

For more details visit:

Click here for registrations.

photo_2016-07-27_15-00-17 photo_2016-07-27_15-00-25

Read about GCP_ICH-E6[R1] here.

We got an update on ICH:

Courtesy: Dr. Sachin & Dr. Jayesh | IMPA Clinical Pharmacology telegram  group

ICH_E6_R2 Addendum

In western countries E6_R2 is fully implemented.Some of the industries in India could not implement E6_R2 fully especially once dealing with the quality clauses as it increases cost.Hence India is just an observer.

Read morning  about this here:

E6_R2 Addendum.

Current status and issues with Global acceptance of ICH.




International Diabetic Federation (IDF) Congress 2017 | 4-8 December | Abu Dhabi

If you are into diabetic research or practice, this is what you should be looking forward to attend.

IDF 2017_First Announcement

IDF 2017_First Announcement

First announcement for IDF Congress 2017 is out. Please note down the following dates:

Registration: Jan 2, 2017

Abstract Submission Opens: Feb 1, 2017

Grant application opens: Feb 1, 2017 ( For tips on “How to tap the grants/bursaries, click here!)

We will keep you updated. Just follow us!


Workshop on “Introduction to Cochrane Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis” | August 20, 2016 | AIIMS Jodhpur


For more information click here.


The World Congress on Clinical Trials in Diabetes (WCTD2016) | 30 November – 1 December 2016, Berlin, Germany


For online registration, click here.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

For further information on the congress, click here.


ConSPIC 2016 | 22-24 Sept, 2016 | Hyderabad

Conference of Statisticians and Programmers In Clinical Research (ConSPIC 2016)

Organized by

Indian Association of Statistics in Clinical Trials (IASCT)

22 to 24 September, 2016, Hyderabad

Check out this link for more details:




Workshop on V SMART: Visibility on social media and research transmission | KMC, Manipal University,Mangalore | July 23,2016

photo_2016-07-05_16-43-10Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download



IPSCON 2016 | Early bird registration extended till July 10,2016


IPSCON 2016, which will be conducted at PGIMER, Chandigarh on October 20-23,2016, has extended the deadline of online registrations to July 10,2016. Yesterday (June 30th) was supposed to be the last date for online registrations. Read about our previous notification on IPSCON 2016 here.


Indian Pharmacovigilance Day Conference | Mumbai | July 29,2016


Click here for registrations.


World Congress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology 2018 | July 1 – 6 | Japan

The 18th World Congress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, titled “Pharmacology for the Future” will be held at Kyoto International Conference Centre, Kyoto, Japan.

First WCP was held at Stockholm, Sweden in 1961. IUPHAR congresses are hosted by IUPHAR member societies. The location of each future congress is determined eight years in advance by a vote of the delegates, selected by the IUPHAR member societies, during the General Assembly held every four years in conjunction with a congress. Thereby the next congress, WCP-2022 will be held at Glasgow, Scotland, UK. Also not to forget that Indian Pharmacological Society is a member of IUPHAR.

I had attended the previous congress, WCP-2014 held at Cape Town, South Africa and IUPHAR acknowledged my research work on diabetes and sponsored me bursaries of Zar.3000 (worth INR 18,000 then) and made my conference registration completely free (worth of INR 30,000 | Zar.5000). I owe this to my alma mater, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal University, Mangalore and to my mentors Dr. Sheetal Ullal and Dr. Ashok Shenoy. In my next post, I will share my experiences at WCP-2014 and will also give you few tips on tapping the bursaries. So do follow us!

WCP-2014 with IPS team

WCP-2014 with IPS team







British Pharmacological Society (BPS) Conference | 13-15 December,2016_ London

The annual meeting of British Pharmacological Society (BPS) for 2016 | Pharmacology 2016 will be conducted between 13-15 December,2016 at Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London, UK. The guest societies which will be hosting the programme along with BPS are:

  • The American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
  • The American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
  • The Chinese Pharmacological Society

The registrations and abstract submissions will be commencing from June 24th onwards (most probably). Have a glance at the drafted program here.

On December 12th, BPS have planned for a satellite session on “Shaping the Future of Pharmacology” exclusively for UGs, PGs, PhDs and PDFs in Pharmacology.  As it’s limited to 100 participants, make sure you register your slot early if you are interested.  Get an overview of the programme here.

Also check out other future events here.

Dr.Rohit Kodagali and Dr.Rachana Menon, attended the BPS-2014 during their post graduation period and represented IMPA. We will be giving you an exclusive interview on their experience of getting selected and attending BPS-2014.

Dr.Rohit Kodagali M.D, graduated from Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore, is currently working as Assistant Manager Medical Services at Boehringer Ingelheim, Mumbai.

Dr.Rachana Menon M.D, graduated from M.S.Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore, got seleted to pursue a full time M.Sc in Drug Development Science at King’s College London, which will be commencing from this September.

Dr.Rohit and Dr.Rachana at BPS,2014

Dr.Rohit and Dr.Rachana at BPS-2014









Conference on Medication Management & Use | 6&7,October 2016, SriRamachandra Medical College, Chennai






Workshop on Statistical Methods in Medical Research and Introduction to SPSS | NIMHANS | 14-16 July,2016

Department of Biostatistics, NIMHANS will be conducting a workshop on Biostatistics and SPSS. The cost of the workshop is Rs:4,000 (Breakfast,Lunch, Refreshments and Course materials). Limited in-campus guesthouse accommodations are available for extra payment. The program will be from 9 AM-5  PM and it’s restricted to 50 participants on first come-first serve basis. Get the workshop brochure here and the registration form here.


IPSCON -2016 | October 20-23, 2016 | PGIMER, Chandigarh

The 49th annual conference of Indian Pharmacological Society will be organised and conducted at PGIMER, Chandigarh under the chairmanship of Prof. Y.K. Gupta, Professor & Head, Department of Pharmacology, AIIMS, New Delhi, Organizing Secretary Prof. Bikash MedhiProfessor Department of Pharmacology, PGIMER, Chandigarh and co-organizing secretary Prof. S S Sharma, NIPER, Mohali, Punjab. 

IPSCON-2016, will be enriched with various scientific sessions, that cover current issues of regulatory, industrial and academic modern pharmacology such as safe and effective therapy, antibiotic resistance, Good Clinical Practice and Bioethics, Pharmacovigilance, Pharmacogenomics’ in addition to the recent avenues on molecular pharmacology research and impending challenges. Medication safety, recent regulatory changes, Pharmacovigilance, Nanomedicines, stem cell, recent advances in therapeutics, Current status of medical education to name some of them.

 Objectives of IPSCON -2016

  • Regulatory point of view
  • National and International collaboration
  • Industry and academia collaboration
  • International prospects of Pharmacology
  • Current curriculum and future prospects in Basics and clinical Pharmacology.

Early bird Online registrations ends by June 30,2016. For further information, please visit IPSCON-2016 Website.


World Congress on Drug discovery and Development | Nov 23-25,2016 | B’lore

Click here for registrations


CME on “Clinical Trials in Indian Context” | JIPMER | Feb 27,2016















JIPMER and ISRPT will be conducting a CME on “Clinical Trials in Indian Context” on February 27,2016. The fee for ISRPT member is Rs:500/- and for a non-member is Rs.600/- The schedule is well charted out for a one day program. As always puducherry is special and this happens on a saturday, the delegates can spend their weekend in Pondy. Don’t forget to look out for places to visit in Puducherry.


CME on Diabetes Mellitus – Future Perspectives | Chengalpattu Medical College | June 14, 2016

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Chengalpatu Medical College, which is at a 2 hours travel distance from Chennai will be organising an one day CME on “Diabetes Mellitus – Future Perspectives”. Last year they had conducted a similar CME on hyperlipidemia. As we all know these metabolic diseases are on the rise in India, CMEs focussing on them might shed some light on the future trends and create awareness among the students. It’s quite surprising that the organisers started circulating the brochure well in advance of the event which has been planned on June 14, 2016. But it quite appreciable in this way as the delegates can plan their program well.

IMG-20160217-WA0001 IMG-20160217-WA0000


A Pharmaceutical insight into Zebra fish as a novel animal model for drug discovery and Pharmacokinetic Screening | SRMC &RI, Chennai | March 30&31,2016















SriRamachandra Medical College & Research Institute, situated in Porur_Chennai will be organising a two day workshop on “A Pharmaceutical insight into Zebra fish as a novel animal model for drug discovery and Pharmacokinetic Screening” at Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute, Chennai | March 30&31, 2016. Registration fee: Rs.3000/- and the last Date of Registration is March 10, 2016.

This is a first of a kind of workshop being organised by SRMC&RI. This workshop can give an insight in PK/PD modeling keeping Zebrafish as a model. The reason for this selection is:

(i) The relative ease of maintaining large stocks of animals

(ii) Its high fecundity, which provides the investigator with large numbers of animals to analyse

(iii) The rapid embryonic development ex utero, which facilitates experimental manipulation and allows the direct observation of tissue formation and organogenesis in vivo.

Read more about Zebra fish here and also why is the most amenable model for High Throughput Screening (HTS).


CME on stem cells and Therapy | BGS Global Institute of Medical Sciences, Bangalore | IPS Bangalore Chapter| 25-2-2016






IPS-Bangalore chapter and Society for Regenerative Medicine & Tissue Engineering will be organising an one day CME program on Stem cells and Therapy. India is doing quite good in the field of stem cell research recently. The one of such examples will be “Stempeutics” which has its global operations in Manipal Hospitals, Bangalore and also at KMC, Manipal, Manipal University. With a nominal fee of Rs.350/- per delegate and well charted program schedule BGS Global institute of Basic Sciences has done a decent job in bringing down the great minds for a discussion on Stem cell Research. Click on the brochure below for more details.



NWCP 2016 | PGIMER, Chandigarh

Dear PG students,

This one is worth to attend.

Attending this workshop will give you an insight on both industrial and academic sides of pharmacology.

Click here for the Registration Form.


NCCP 2015 – National Conference on “Clinical Research and Personalized Therapy”, JIPMER, Puducherry | DECEMBER 30 & 31,2015

NCCP 2015 – National Conference on “Clinical Research and Personalized Therapy”, JIPMER, Puducherry | DECEMBER 30 & 31,2015

Two pre conference workshops on “Good Clinical Practice in clinical trials” and “Research Methodology” will be held on 29th December 2015

Topics for NCCP 2015 – National Conference on “Clinical Research and Personalized Therapy”, JIPMER, Puducherry.
Theme: “Clinical trials in genomic era”
– Pharmacogenomics in India
– Translational genomics
– Genomics in clinical trial designs
– Personalized therapy in diabetes mellitus
– Personalized therapy for mental health
– Genomics in drug safety
– Genomics in cancer therapy & research
– Advancing cancer care through clinical trials
– Personalized cancer chemotherapy
– Scope of personalized medicine in radiotherapy
– Clinical trials with biologics
– Cardiovascular Research: Innovative approaches
– Study designs in cardiovascular clinical trials
– Personalized therapy in cardiovascular diseases
– Genomic concepts in cardiovascular clinical trials- challenges ahead
– Recent advances & challenges in clinical trial
– Strategies for personalizing conditioning regimen prior to stem cell transplantation
– Biorepository: Mining clinical data
– Future perspectives of clinical trials in personalized medicine

For more details: visit:

Courtesy: Dr. Alph Stanley, Senior Resident | JIPMER, Puducherry


IPSCON-2015 | December 17-20, 2015







IPSCON-2015  | International Conference on
“Cutting-Edge Pharmacology: Contemporary Issues and Future Challenges” & 48th Annual Conference of Indian Pharmacological Society. This time it will be organised by Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
Saurashtra University, Rajkot, Gujarat, INDIA.

Preconference Workshop: 17 December 2015

Conference: 18-20 December 2015

The official website – click

The details of registration can be found here.






Basic Workshop on Software for scientific Research



Basic Workshop on Software for Scientific Research will be conducted by IGMC&RI,Puducherry on November 6,2015. The registration fee for this one day event is ₹750.