A curious case of “Medzol clone”

Originally trademarked by Themis (Mumbai Based Company) for Midazolam since 2012. Recently a pune based company named Medtab Pharma, released its product pantoprazole in the same name: Medzol (Med – MEDtab pharma | Zol – PantopraZOLe). This created a big ruffle on the social media. And based on our group discuss we concluded this to be photoshopped which was proven wrong by an order released from Directorate of FDA, Goa saying that both the medications are different and people in health care sectors should be careful about this. (https://drive.google.com/…/0BwEuX8U-TTgCRUhELVNETWdHRDA/view)

Recently, based on mail exchanges (Screen Shots attached below) we came to know the actual truth. Themis had asked Medtab pharma to withdraw the product from public use for which Medtab pharma agreed.

This once again reveals how lethargic and not-focused our Indian drug regulators are.

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impas Natesh Prabhu Administrator & Chief Editor | Clinical Pharmacologist | Diabetic-Sexual Medicine-Regenerative Therapy Consultant | President, Indian Medical Pharmacologists Association